HS Football Coach Suspended After Taking Body Shots Of Maple Syrup From Player’s Belly Button

Paso Clovis FB10032 (2)

Developing a close relationship with his or her players is crucial to team chemistry, but this.. this is just weird.

After Paso Robles High School varsity football coach and teacher Rich Schimke was placed on administrative leave after he took a body shot of maple syrup out of a player’s belly button – which was all caught of video.

Players say the video was taken after the student won what is called the “Pancake Award,” given to players who block defenders in a football game.

The mother of the student shown in the video posted a status on Facebook following the incident, reading:

“All I expected when I signed my little boy up as an 11 year old Bearcat, that
a) my son was safe
b) he was being led by role models of moral behavior.


As you could imagine, the incident warranted quite the news segment.