Falcons WR Mohamed Sanu Shares ‘Thank You’ Note Sent To Him By Family Flying On Same Plane


Hey look at this!  A positive story involving air travel!

Atlanta Falcons wide receiver Mohamed Sanu was on his way to New Jersey for the Rutgers spring game last weekend, and happened to be seated in front of a family on their way to a hockey camp.

After the flight, Sanu received the following note from the family:



The note read:

“Our son sat behind you on this flight and watched you.  He saw you studying your plays, watched you make healthy eating choices with your snacks, food and drink. He watched how polite you were to everyone .. You are an inspiration to children and for that you should be proud!”

Sanu has proven time and time again that he’s worthy of being a role model off the field, doing tons of charity work in his home state of New Jersey.