Minor League Baseball Team Trolls Tim Tebow All Night Long While Facing Him

Though Tim Tebow is likely the most popular Minor League Baseball player in history, to some teams, he’s the exact opposite.

Teams have objected to Tebow hopping into their sport without due diligence, and have let that be known by trolling him during games they play against him. Teams have held promotions that offered fans rewards based on how many times he strikes out and now the Charleston RiverDogs have upped the ante, taunting the Fireflies Outfielder relentlessly throughout their game versus Tebow Saturday night.

The RiverDogs announced every Fireflies player up-to-bat other than Tebow as “Not Tim Tebow” on the scoreboard.


They also referred to Tebow accidentally letting go of his bat during a swing as a fumble.

Even the team’s mascot mocked Tebow’s infamous bible verse eyeblack.

(Bleacher Report)