It’s July 1st & 54-Year-Old Bobby Bonilla Will Collect His Annual $1.19M From The NY Mets

Happy Bobby Bonilla Day!

Today, the New York Mets will pay 54-year-old Bobby Bonilla, who hasn’t played for the Mets since 1995, another  $1,193,248.20 paycheck.

Every July 1st, from 2011 to 2035, the Mets owe Bonilla payment as part of deferring the $5.9 million the Mets owed him from the 2000 season, a year in which he didn’t play for the team, because they released him in January. As part of arguably the best contract in the history of sports, Bonilla’s agent worked out a deal that deferred payment (with an 8 percent annual interest rate).


Bonilla is seven payments in, worth $8,352,737.40, with 18 annual more coming his way. Once 2035 rolls around, Bonilla will have made a whopping $29.8 million.

Bonilla will also receive an additional $5.5 million through 2028 she to deferred payments from numerous teams.

The cherry on top? Bonilla is receiving these checks from his home in Sarasota, FL, where there is no state income tax.