Rapper Steals Cowboys Lucky Whitehead Dog And Made A Video Demanding $20,000

It takes an extremely cruel person to kidnap someone else’s dog and hold it for ransom, especially a puppy.  Dogs usually stay loyal to their owner in return for care of a home and a family who will treat it fairly.

Unfortunately, dog-napping exists and it’s latest victim is Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Lucky Whitehead.  The receiver took to Instagram on Monday to ask for help in locating his pitbul:


Since posting this, the dog napper has been contacting the Cowboys player demanding ransom money in exchange for the dog. He released this video on social media:

The dog napper has been identified as a local Ft. Worth, Texas rapper that goes by Boogotti Kasino clearly isn’t successful in his “rapping” career considering he’s done what he’s done:

But on top of all that – he doesn’t seem like a bright fella’, after all, who posts a video like this?  Does he not know that the police would probably locate him by the time he gets to his 100th like?

Just give the man his dog back.