Redskins President Bruce Allen Releases Shocking Statement Regarding The Kirk Cousins Contract Negotiations

(Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

The business side of football is rough.

The price tag of a player usually differs between the payer and payee.  The player, as he should wants what he thinks he’s worth and the team should offer an amount that is fair but is also beneficial for the team as well.

In the case of Kirk Cousins and the Washington Redskins, it’s clear that the sides never came to an agreement after years of negotiation.

Yes, years.


During the 2012 Draft, the Redskins selected Robert Griffin II No. 2 overall and had their sights on him becoming the franchise guy after years of searching for the franchise guy. Little did they know that they probably drafted their guy in the later rounds that year when they selected Kirk Cousins.

Fast forward to 2017 and what seemed like the Redskins had found their guy in 2012, it just so happened the guy was Kirk Cousins.

But after two years of negotiating, including two straight years of franchise tags — it seems Kirk Cousins time in Washington could come to an end after this season.

The Redskins failed to come to an agreement with Cousins today on a long-term extension and basically put all the blame on the quarterback, blasting him publicly via Twitter:

The language used in this statement is very restraining but the intent is not. The Redskins knew what they were doing when they released this, they were calling Kirk Cousins out publicly for being greedy.

Normally, this type of stuff leaks through the press, but no, the Redskins took it upon themselves to write up a response and tweet it out. They want the whole world the know exactly who they feel is at fault in all of this.

Did we mention that Kirk Cousins is slated to be the teams’ starting quarterback in 2017?