Patriots Become First Team In NFL To Purchase Their Own Planes To Fly To Games

The New England Patriots now can say they own 55 Jets.

As if winning Super Bowls weren’t enough, the Patriots are once again proving their dominance over the NFL by becoming the first team to purchase their own plane to travel to games – and they bought two.

The team purchased two 767 Boeing wide-body jets earlier this offseason, and retrofitted each plane with nothing but first-class seats, some of which recline completely. The exterior was coated with team livery, including a tail wing featuring their five Lombardi trophies.

With the purchase, the franchise becomes the first in the NFL to out-right own their own plane, with other teams chartering flights to away games.

According to sources, the models the Pats bought are extended range, allowing them to fly nonstop for about 12 hours. The price Robert Kraft and the team could have paid in upwards of $400 million for the pair.

Why two you may ask? The entire team, coaching staff, and equipment load can fit on one, meaning the second will used as a backup.