In 2014, Sports Illustrated Predicted The Awful Astros Would Win The 2017 World Series. They Just Did.

In 2014, Sports Illustrated released an issue with a bold cover proclaiming the Houston Astros World Series champions. That usually happens after the fact, not three years before it. Tonight, that cover reins true.

The prediction was made when the Astros were the laughing stock of Major League Baseball, racking up multiple 100-loss seasons.

How exactly did SI know? The Astros started a rebuild from the ground up, stock pilling draft picks and using them wisely, eventually building a World Series winning roster. They settled on the year 2017 after trying to pinpoint the peak of the young nucleus along with factoring in payroll hikes and alike.


If this prediction wasn’t crazy enough, the even put the 2017 World Series MVP on the cover.

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