The Cleveland Browns Still Haven’t Won On A Sunday In Over 1,000 Days

Despite a valiant effort, the Browns fell short against the Raiders in the final minutes of overtime Sunday, the 145th consecutive Sunday in which the Browns have played and lost to be exact.

Granted the Cleveland Browns have a quarterback capable of throwing a football to a receiver downfield, a defense capable of stopping a team, but they’re still finding new ways to lose each and every Sunday, keeping this amazing statistic alive.

The Browns last won a game against the New York Jets Week 3 on Thursday night football. The last win before then? A Christmas Eve game against the San Diego Chargers, who hilariously no longer play in San Diego. That win just so happened to fall a Saturday.


The last time Browns fans were actually able to wake up on a Monday morning following a win on the previous day was nearly three years ago on December 13th, 2015, where the Browns managed a 24-10 win over the 49ers, more than 1,000 days ago.