Twitter May Have Found Jameis Winston’s Burner Account

Despite the 30-27 loss on Monday Night Football to the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bucs QB Ryan Fitzpatrick  threw for over 400 yards for the third straight game.

Winston may be returning from his three game suspension but it doesn’t seem like he’ll be starting for the Tampa Bay any time soon.

So, it seems like Winston may have found a new way to channel his inner frustrations through a burner account on Twitter:


In addition to the email address to the account basically spelling Jameis’ name, the account  looks even more suspicious because it was created in September, which was right around the time when rumors of Fitzpatrick keeping the starting job started to spread.

In another tweet that may convince you this is Jameis, he forgets that he’s on his burner and refers to Winston as “me”:

Literally all of the tweets are in defense of Winston. Is this Winston himself or just a super fan of the Tampa Bay QB:

On Tuesday morning, the Twitter account put out this tweet:

If this is indeed Jameis Winston, he has some explaining to do.