BREAKING: Cowboys Trade Dak Prescott For Fan Who Hit Stanton With HR Ball From Green Monster

ARLINGTON, TX – “Ah ha. He’s the solution” Those were the words muttered by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones watching the Boston Red Sox – Yankees game Saturday when a fan threw a Giancarlo Stanton home run ball back onto the field.

The moment happened in the bottom of the 7th when Stanton went deep over the Green Monster at Fenway, only to have his ball thrown back at him – literally. Stanton was hit with his own HR ball rounding second base.


According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the Cowboys will reportedly trade starting quarterback Dak Prescott for the fan.

“He’s exactly what we’re looking for,” Jones told the Cowboys Star Telegram in an interview shortly after the announcement.

“I love our guy Dak, but he can’t even throw for 200 yards in a game. That guy threw for nearly 100 yards on one throw alone, and look at that accuracy to go along with it. Granted both he and Prescott are accurate at throwing to guys on the other team, but I see the potential.”

Jones is reportedly was reported disappointed, yet optimistic, when he learned the man had no history of domestic abuse.

The Telegram is reporting that the city of Boston will receive Prescott to with as they please, perhaps taking over for Tom Brady when he retires from the Patriots, and Dallas will receive the fan and $2 million in cash. Boston will absorb Prescott’s rook contract.