Punter Thomas Morstead Flies Old Kicking Coach To Game To Watch Him Kick, Saints Don’t Punt Once

In effort to have his old kicking coach watch him play in an NFL game in person for the first time, Thomas Morstead flew him out to New Orleans to watch his former pupil and the Saints take on the Washington Redskins. It was the worst night to do it.

“Zero punts,” Morstead said post game. “I think it’s the fourth time in my career with no punts.”

Jamie Kohl was able to witness Drew Brees break the NFL record for all-time passing yards, but didn’t once get to see Morestead even do so much as take the field.


The Saints offense behind Bree’s 3 TD, 3 incompletion performance put on such a masterful performance Monday night, the team didn’t need Morestead’s services, not having to punt once on offense.

New Orleans possessed the ball 10 times, ending by scoring six touchdowns, kicking one field goal, kneeling two times, and fumbling once.

Morestead jokingly posted this image of himself and Brees in the locker room postgame celebrating his QB’s accomplishments, and well, his non accomplishments.

Should have signed with the Raiders.