REPORT: Dallas Cowboys Interested In Trading For WR Amari Cooper

The Oakland Raiders have been pretty adamant that they have no plans to trade WR Amari Cooper, despite telling teams that they want a first-round pick for him.

One team, who is desperate for receiver help has been an “inordinate amount of research” in trading for Amari Cooper in recent days, according to Adam Schefter.

According to the report, the Cowboys have been reaching out to to individuals who are familiar with the 24-year old Cooper, gathering as much information as they can about him as they “mull whether to make a move” for the former first-round draft pick.


The Cowboys are not alone; the Raiders have heard inquiries on Cooper from, among others, the Washington Redskins and Indianapolis Colts, according to Schefter.

This would not be the first time Jerry Jones has traded for a star wide receiver, the Cowboys traded first-, third-, sixth- and seventh-round picks to the Detroit Lions in 2008 for wide receiver Roy Williams, in a move that did not work out.

But they have been so lacking at wide receiver this season that they are considering a move with the NFC East being as wide-open as it is.