There Were A Total Of 32 Arrests Made During The Raiders-49ers Game On Thursday Night Football

Whenever the 49ers and Raiders square off on the field, the two rival fan bases are probably also squaring it off in the stands.

Aware of a history of fan altercations at Raiders-49ers games, Santa Clara police dramatically increased their gameday security and used undercover officers dressed as football fans throughout the stadium.

During last Thursday Night’s game, the team’s had yet another series of fan fights that resulted in a shocking 32 arrests including three that were for assault.

The brawl that garnered the most attention on social media was of a man wearing a red T-shirt stands above another man wearing a 49ers jersey, throwing punch after punch. After a few seconds, the man who threw the punches was pulled away by others and walked away, leaving the other man with a bloodied face.

Santa Clara police and stadium security located the suspected attacker, identified as 31-year-old Steve Gonzalez Guardado, and arrested him for assault.