NFL Reportedly Could Suspend Josh Gordon For Life After Failing Yet Another Drug Test

The NFL has already suspended Josh Gordon for an entire season due to his repeated abuse of the league’s substance abuse policy, but the next suspension could be for good.

The Patriots star WR announced Thursday morning that he would be stepping away from football again to focus on his mental health. It was made known soon after that Gordon is facing another suspension due to a slip up.

If Gordon gets suspended, it will be his fifth suspension in just seven seasons in the league, the majority of which he has been sidelined for.

Grodon finds himself in Stage 3 of the league’s intervention program, meaning he is subjected to unannounced drug tests and bans are severe due to repeated offenses. NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is in charge of reinstating players after their one-year bans and determining punishment beyond that punishment.

Stage Three players stay in this program for the rest of their careers unless they are discharged at the discretion of the medical director.