Kyler Murray Decides To Play Football, Officially Declares For NFL Draft

Football it is for Kyler Murray.

The Oakland Athletics draft pick turned Oklahoma quarterback entered this season with the intention of playing on year of football and then later return to the diamond to start his journey as a Major League Baseball player.

One Heisman trophy later and Murray has announced he will officially enter the 2019 NFL Draft.


It was reported that Murray and his agent gave the A’s of an ultimatum stating he would leave football for baseball if the team agreed to play him $15 million (the amount of money he would likely receive considering his projected pick number in the drafted) instead of the signing bonus worth $4.7 million he was set to be paid from Oakland.

It appears as if they have turned down the offer and in turn still own rights to Murray, but will lose the No. 9 overall draft pick they spent on him.