Robert Kraft Gifts Patriots With 50-Year Old Cigars After Super Bowl LIII Win

As the New England Patriots were celebrating their Super Bowl LIII victory in the locker room, owner Robert Kraft walked in with a big box.

Kraft opened the box and revealed 50-year old cigars for his players:

“I got these from Mr. Padrón,” he said, revealing a rectangular box with a Patriots logo on top. “They’re 50-year-old cigars.”

Mr. Padrón is, presumably, José Orlando Padrón, founder of Padrón Cigars, which began making cigars in Miami in 1964. He’d wanted to give them to Kraft as a gift prior to last year’s Super Bowl, but he died in December 2017.

Padrón’s son made good on the gift, and Kraft held onto them for a year, hoping to pass them out to a Super Bowl champion.

While many players accepted the gift, there were some declined, pointing to the health factors that are associated with smoking cigars. But hey, it’s the thought that counts, right?