As 31 Teams Scramble To Sign & Trade Players, Bill Belichick Couldn’t Care Less Relaxing In Barbados

Year in and year out, the Patriots always seem to be back in the Super Bowl despite a barrage on their team and coaching staff from other teams looking to steal their players and knowledge, which laughably never works.

The Detroit Lions for instance, stole away former Patriots defensive coordinator Matt Patricia last offseason, a move that resulted in a 6-10 record and last place finish in the division. In hope of getting better, the team has now signed 3 Patriots players this offseason.

While the Lions and 30 other teams scramble to get better during NFL free agency, Bill Belichick looks like he couldn’t care less, relaxing on vacation in the Barbados.


Once his vacation is over, Bill will go back to Massachusetts and sign the local super market cashier and turn him into next year’s Super Bowl MVP.