67-Year-Old Seahawks Coach Pete Carroll Rips His Shirt Off To Meet D.K. Metcalf

Pete Carroll is the oldest coach in the NFL, but despite his age, he might be the coolest.

Carroll and the Seattle Seahawks drafted the beast that is D.K. Metcalf Friday night, and the team was then able to share a funny story from when the Ole Miss WR first met his new coach.

While walking into the interview with the Hawks, someone convinced Metcalf, who wowed social media with a shirtless pic before the combine, to walk in shirtless.

That he did, but Carroll wasn’t going to be shown up.


“I was surprised that he came into our interview with his shirt off,” Carroll said. “I’m serious. He came in with his shirt off, and it kind of pissed me off, so I took my shirt off, too. Not for long, though.”