Former Red Sox Star David Ortiz Hospitalized After Being Shot In Dominican Republic

Beloved former Red Sox star David Ortiz is in the hospital Sunday night after being shot.

The retired slugger was suffered a gun shot wound after being struck in the back by a bullet during an apparent attempted robbery at Dial Bar in Santo Domingo Este, Dominican Republic.

Footage of the attack has been released via the establishment’s security cameras.


He was rushed to the hospital to undergo emergency surgery to operate on the wound created by the bullet entering his back and exiting out his abdomen.

Ortiz reportedly begged doctors not to let him die, stating “I’m a good man” to one surgeon.

Footage has emerged online of what was allegedly the shooter after being detained.

The 43-year-old was born in Santo Domingo and made his way to the Big Leagues, where he spent two decades as a member of the Twins and Red Box, retiring after the 2016 season.