Nike Pulls USA, Flag Themed Shoe After Colin Kaepernick Complains

Nike went from one of the United State’s most popular companies to one of it ‘s most polarizing after backing up the stance of disgraced NFL QB Colin Kaepernick via their Just Do It campaign.

Well, it appears as if they have their sponsee’s back once again.

The sneaker and apparel giant has reportedly pulled a special edition flag-themed sneaker featuring the “Betsy Ross flag” after Kaepernick and others complained to Nike, stating that the design was offensive.

Per the Wall Street Journal, the former 49ers QB reached out to the company after the design for the Air Max 1 USA was released ahead of them hitting stores in conjunction with the July 4th holiday.

Kaepernick’s reasoning stated that the “Betsy Ross flag”, which has 13 stars representing the 13 original colonies in America, was used as a symbol of an country that was rampant with slavery.

TMZ also noted that he “also took issue with the fact that two prominent white nationalist groups, including the Patriot movement, use the flag as a symbol for their group.”The 13 stars on the “Betsy Ross flag” are supposed to signify the 13 original colonies of the United States.

(h/t TheSpun)