Patriots Defense Still Hasn’t Allowed Touchdown Since AFC Championship Game Last Season

It seems like every year analysts try to convince you that THIS year’s Patriots team is the best team they’ve had, but this year it’s probably true, and it’s because of the defense.

The 2019 Pats defense is on pace to be the best defense of all-time, as if Tom Brady needed any help not having to score more than a few touchdowns a game to win.

The Patriots crushed the Jets Sunday, 30-14, but those two scores came on New York’s special teams and via a Jarrett Stidman pick-six.

The Patriots D in fact hasn’t given up six since last season’s AFC Championship game. In case you’re wonder that’s 17 straight quarters.

That’s a good sign for Patriots fans, as their Tom Brady led offense is dreadful per usual. *Raging sarcasm*