Video Emerges Of Kobe Bryant Helping Victims Of Car Crash, Redirecting Traffic Prior To Death

News of sports legend Kobe Bryant shook the world Sunday afternoon when it was announced that he, his daughter, and others died in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, CA.

Along with his daughter, her teammate and her family, Bryant was en route to a youth basketball game at the Mamba Academy, a training facility founded by Kobe with youth & adult programs for basketball, volleyball, track & more, just one of the ways he helps give back to the community.

Personal stories about how Bryant showed love fans, charities and communities began to be told in the wake of his death, and another has emerged that may provide the best insight to the true Kobe Bryant.

A few weeks prior to his passing, Bryant was filmed by a bystander exiting his vehicle to help victims of a serious car accident in Newport Beach, CA. Bryant reportedly stayed to comfort those involved and helped redirect traffic until help arrived.


The scene is eerie and foggy, which may have led to the accident. Unfortunately, that same morning fog was likely the cause of the helicopter crashing, killing Bryant.