Brian Urlacher ‘Likes’ Post Calling Kyle Rittenhouse A Patriot, Demanding He Be Freed

Brian Urlacher did not hold back making his controversial thoughts known about the Jacob Blake situation on social media Thursday.

The former NFL legend and Bears Hall of Fame linebacker first posted an analogy belittling NBA players for their decision to take games off in the wake of the shooting, but then went on to support Kyle Rittenhouse, a name which quickly shot into the news for his role in the protests that followed.

Rittenhouse drove 40 minutes from from Indiana to Kenosha to reportedly “protect business” with his AR-15, which was illegal to carry in Indiana. That AR-15 ended up shooting three and killing two after an argument led to Rittenhouse shooting a pro-Blake protestor, then shooting more when he was chased down.

His supporters are claiming he acted in self-defense.


Rittenhouse was not detained by police despite apparent efforts to give himself up, but was later charged on 6 counts.

Urlacher liked a photo suggesting Rittenhouse is a patriots and should be freed.