Jalen Ramsey Responds To Bears Fans Trolling Him Over Darnell Mooney Highlight: “Lame A** Fans”

We are still months away from the start of the 2021 NFL season, but Jalen Ramsey is already going at it with fans of his Week 1 opponent.

The Los Angeles Rams will host the Chicago Bears in Week 1 at SoFi Stadium, a re-match of last year’s Monday Night Football Oct. 26. The Rams won that game, 24-10 but one highlight for the Bears came when Ramsey was torched by Bears wide receiver Darnell Mooney on a double move. Fortunately for the All-Pro cornerback, Nick Foles badly overthrew Mooney:

The play worked out well for Ramsey but Bears fans have let Ramsey live it down as they’ve been constantly reminding Ramsey of the play, even trolling his Wikipedia page:

It didn’t stop there. Fans then noticed that if you do a Google search for “Jalen Ramsey’s father,” the first name that pops up is Darnell Mooney:


Ramsey, who has never backed down from trash talk, responded to Bears fans on his Instagram, saying he can’t wait until Week 1 to shut down the Bears “No. 2 receiver.”

Football season can’t get here fast enough!