REPORT: “Chatter Building” Of Potential Deshaun Watson To Either Panthers Or Dolphins

Is a Deshaun Watson trade coming?

According to Mike Florio of Pro Football Talk, multiple executives from teams “not directly involved in discussions” have told PFT that there’s mounting chatter that Watson will be traded in the coming days and the two teams that have emerged as the finalists are the Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers:

Due to Watson’s ongoing legal troubles, PFT notes that it’s “hard to image” a team would give the Texans what they want for Watson — three first round picks and more — so either the Texans are taking whatever the best offer is or the Texans will accept a trade package that includes conditional picks, which will depend on how many games Watson plays.

While there’s zero question about Watson’s talent, he’s easily considered a top 5 quarterback in the league but the lingering legal trouble has teams second-guessing whether or not they can make such a huge investment. In addition to the draft picks, the team trading for Watson would also be inheriting his contract. Watson has cap hits of $40 million in 2022 and $42 million in 2023.