ESPN Insider Adam Schefter Under Fire After Leaked Emails Expose Slimy Journalist Practices

Is Adam Schefter about to get canceled to?

Ironically a day after Adam Schefter broke the news to many of us that that Jon Gruden was resigning as head coach of the Las Vegas Raiders due to a slew of emails over the court of eight years that contained homophobic, racist and sexist language, Schefter is now under fire for what was found in those same emails.

Amount the 650,000 emails sifted through by the Wall Street Journal investigation into the workplace conduct of the Washington Football team was an email sent by ESPN NFL Insider Adam Schefter sending a soon-to-be published story to former Washington GM Bruce Allen, whom of course was the one going back and fourth with Gruden in the despicable emails he was sending.

Schefter had sent Allen a story asking him to edit it as he pleases, even calling him ‘Mr. Editor’ – a drastic difference to what many think of Schefter, a transparent, non-bias journalist.

Perhaps being an ‘insider’ requires offering some services of your own to get ‘inside’ in the first place.