Washington Fans Are Pissed Jackson Mahomes Was Dancing On Sean Taylor’s No. 21 Memorial Painted On Sidelines

Why in the hell would Jackson Mahomes think this is a good idea?

On Sunday the Washington Football Team was paying homage to one of their franchise’s most iconic players — Sean Taylor — by retiring his No. 21 jersey prior to kickoff against the Kansas City Chiefs.

It was a day for people in the stadium to pay their respects to the late safety but one person in the stadium thought it would be a good idea to use the No. 21 memorial that is painted on the sidelines to make a TikTok.

Fans in the stadium caught Patrick Mahomes’ brother, Jackson, making TikToks and dancing on Taylor’s No. 21 that is painted on the sidelines and they weren’t happy about it:


The Chiefs went on and defeated the Washington Football Team, 31-13.