Steelers Fans Did The Wave While Seahawks Darrell Taylor Was Down With Severe Neck Injury

Jackson Mahomes held the title for the most disrespectful thing to happen at a stadium on Sunday, until Sunday Night Football.

Darrell Taylor of the Seahawks went down with an injury Sunday night that nobody ever wants to see on a football field – the dreaded neck injury.

After laying motionless for minutes, Taylor was trapped to a stretcher and rushed to a hospital to undergo further examination. Luckily, scans and tests showed no serious damage, unlike that of Steelers LB Ryan Shazier, who was temporarily paralyzed due to a similar injury.

Knowing this, you’ll think fans in Pittsburgh would be extra sensitive to situations like this, but that was not the case. During the time Taylor lay on the field, Steelers fans were caught doing the wave.

Despite Steelers player trying to get fans to stop, fans on Twitter were outraged.