REPORT: Roger Goodell Paid Nearly $128 Million Over The Past Two Years

Roger Goodell has been getting paid.

According to the New York Times, the NFL Commissioner was paid nearly $128 million over the past two years through his salary, bonuses and other benefits.

Per the report, that figure was discussed at the league-wide owners meeting in New York earlier this week. Four sources told The New York Times, about 90% of Goodell’s pay over the last two years came form bonuses alone, which was so large “because he had helped secure such a favorable labor and media deals.”

Goodell was paid $63,900,050 each year — which totals up to $127.8 million. Per The New York Times, that makes him one of the top-five paid CEOs in the world.


Aside from his salary, the NFL commissioner has been under fire for doubling down on not releasing the findings from the probe, citing that the league promised anonymity to individuals who helped with the investigation. He even added that Dan Snyder was held accountable considering the “unprecedented fine” and that he “hasn’t been involved with the football team for four months.”

However, Lisa Banks and Debra Katz, the attorneys representing 40 former Washington Football Team employees who participated in the investigation, said Goodell “misrepresented the wishes of our clients.”

“You have chosen to hide behind the “incredibly brave” women and men who came forward to try to justify your decision to protect the WFT and Dan Snyder from whatever is contained in those findings,” the attorneys penned in a letter to Goodell. “You have misrepresented the wishes of our clients, and likely those of the other women and men who came forward, to justify your decision to bury what we know would be a damning report, having sat through dozens of interviews.

“Our clients came forward with details of harassment and abuse they suffered with the reasonable expectation that they and the public would be provided with the findings of the 10-month-long investigation.”

The commissioner’s deal that he signed in 2017 went into effect in 2019, which is five years and reportedly worth up to $200 million. The majority of it is tied to meeting both “financial and nonfinancial goals for the league,” per The Times.