Everson Griffen Exits House Safely, Receiving Care From Police & Mental Health Professionals

Finally some good news on the Everson Griffen situation.

The Minnesota Vikings released a statement Wednesday afternoon saying the team has been notified by law enforcement agencies that defensive end Everson Griffen came out of his home “without incident and is now getting the care that he needs,” hours after the 33-year-old made a serious of disturbing Instagram posts early Wednesday morning claiming that someone was in his home and trying to kill him.

“We are thankful to the Hennepin County Sheriff’s Office, the Carver County Sheriff’s Office, the Minnetrista Police Department and the Orono Police Department for their quick response and dedication to ensuring the situation ended peacefully,” the Vikings’ statement read. “Our focus remains on Everson’s health and safety and providing the proper resources for him and his family.”

A statement from the Minnetrista Public Safety Department said that Griffen left the residence “without incident” around 2:30 p.m. ET and was taken by ambulance to a health care facility. The statement added that the case remains under investigation.


“We got him the necessary help that he needs and [he’s] in the care of medical professionals,” Vikings general manager Rick Spielman said. He added that the team has an emergency action plan that was activated once the club was notified.

The Minnesota take on the San Francisco 49ers this Sunday in a battle that had huge playoff implications at the moment. However, it goes without saying that the health and well-being of Griffen is far more important than any football game at the right now.