Brian Flores Told Tua Tagovailoa He Should’ve Drafted Mac Jones This Offseason

In his second season with Tua Tagovailoa, Brian Flores reportedly had dreams of having another Alabama quarterback under center for him.

On Black Monday, the Miami Dolphins fired Flores. On his GM Shuffle podcast, league insider Michael Lombardi dropped some damning information into the relationship between Tua and Flores.

Flores allegedly told Tua he was more impressed by Patriots quarterback Mac Jones.

“If you’re really honest are you going to sit there and say I can build a team around Tua?” Lombardi said. “That’s what Ross wants to hear. That’s what Brian Flores wouldn’t say. We’ve seen all the conversations that Flores basically had with Tua, where Flores told Tua at halftime of the Tennessee game… I don’t think Flores was shy about telling him, hey, I should have picked Mac Jones. I don’t think he was shy about telling him that. In fact, I know that he wasn’t.


“Remember I said there was commentary between the head coach and Tua during the season and I wouldn’t reveal what the conversation was. Well, the conversation was, hey, if I’d have knew you were going to be this bad, I would have picked Mac Jones. That’s the conversation.”

After Lombardi’s statement began to make the rounds on social media, he walked it back when he got on Twitter, stating that he misspoke and those were his own words on the Dolphins situation, not Flores’.

Flores is expected to be an immediate candidate to fill one of the other new openings in the NFL’s head coaching ranks.