Dak Prescott On Cowboys Fans Throwing Trash At Referees After Playoff Loss: “Oh, Well Credit To Them”

It was an emotional night in Dallas as the Cowboys season came to an end following a tough ending to the season.

With 14 seconds remaining in the game, the Cowboys quarterback ran a QB draw, went down, got up but forgot to give the ball to the referee to spot it. It ended up costing the Cowboys another play and ending their season.

Following the game, Cowboys fans were seen throwing trash onto to the field and while originally it was reported that the trash was directed at players, it was later confirmed that the trash was directed at the referees.

Regardless, it’s unacceptable.


What made matters worse was after the game, Dak Prescott was asked about the fans behavior and he had a very interesting response.

Per Ed Werder, “Dak Prescott asked about fans throwing debris after game. When thought fans throwing things at Cowboys and struck Demarcus Lawrence, he expressed disappointment. Then he was told fans threw trash at officials.

“Credit to them then,” Dak said.”

The Dallas Cowboys were called for 14 penalties that resulted in 89 yards lost.