Kyler Murray Says He Set Up For Failure Then Framed As Scapegoat By Cardinals For Playoff Loss

A few months ago, the Rams were in turmoil and the Cardinals seemed poised to take control of the NFC West. Fast forward to February and the Rams are playing in the Super Bowl in their own stadium and the Cardinals are at home watching from their couch.

The frustration of the disappointment hasn’t sat well with QB Kyler Murray, who recently scrubbed all of his social media from anything Cardinals-related.

Now, we have an answer to why.

Kyler reportedly is frustrated with the organization, feeling as if he was set up for failure in the playoffs and framed as the scapegoat for the loss.


On the other side, others feel as if Murray is immature and lacks leadership.

If there’s any silver lining, all reports seem to point in the direction of the two sides eventually working it out and getting things back on track in Arizona.