49ers Players Privately Say Team Is ‘Better’ Now With Jimmy Garoppolo Back At QB

The San Francisco 49ers tried shopping Jimmy Garoppolo having handed the keys to the car to Trey Lance, but with no takers, the team opted to keep Jimmy G under a backup role in hopes of trading him later on in the season following an injury to another quarterback elsewhere in the league. Little did John Lynch and the 49ers from office know that it would be them needing Garoppolo and them needing him in Week 2.

During the first quarter of Sunday’s game against the Seahawks, Trey Lance suffered a gruesome season-ending ankle injury. Jimmy Garoppolo game in and led the Niners to a divisional win.

Following the game, whisper from inside the locker room pointed towards players thinking the team was better off now with Jimmy back at the helm rather than Lance.

Bleacher Report

“This is the part no one wants to say publicly, but something several players and coaches enunciated privately in the wake of Sunday’s game—the 49ers are a better team right now with Garoppolo at quarterback than they were with Lance,” Michael Silver of the San Francisco Chronicle wrote.

Two sources even told Silver, “I can’t say it, but you can.”

It seemed almost inevitable when the 49ers decided to keep Garoppolo this offseason instead of trading him that there would be a point this season when some questioned whether he should be the starter.

upporting cast around him to this stage of his career.

Garoppolo ended up throwing 13-of-21 for 154 yards, one touchdown and zero interceptions and a score on the ground with his legs.