Local Reporters Roasted The Broncos After Humiliating Loss To Colts On TNF

The Denver Broncos can’t stop catching Ls.

Russell Wilson and the Broncos were defeated 12-9 by the Indianapolis Colts in one of the most boring games in recent memory.

After the game, two local reporters in Denver absolutely destroyed the Broncos for what they are subjecting their fanbase to:

“First off, I feel the need to just apologize to the viewers. I know we didn’t play. We didn’t really even run this broadcast, but the fact you had to watch that on our air, I feel bad. I was here and I didn’t even want to watch it,” Denver7’s Nick Rothschild opened while recapping the disaster of a game for the Broncos and the NFL.


His partner Troy Renck didn’t slow down once it got kicked to him, and added without hesitation, “It burns the retinas. It was that awful.”

You know things are bad when the local media is roasting you.