NFL To Have Conversation This Offseason About Possibly Banning The ‘Hip-Drop’ Tackle

The Dallas Cowboys squandered a chance at getting to the NFC Championship game two weeks ago when they fell to the 49ers and rookie QB Brock Purdy playing in his second ever playoff game. Ironically for Dallas, it ended up being the injury bug that ruined their chance, with maybe their best offensive weapon in Tony Pollard being taken out of the game early after suffering a fractured leg.

The injury occurred after a 49ers defender wrapped his arms around Pollard’s waist, and left his body weight pull Pollard down, collapsing his legs underneath him.

According to NFL insider Dov Kleiman, the league will have an “active conversation” about possibly banning this particular type of tackle, which will surely be easy to enforce and go over extremely well with fans.

The NFL has instituted a multitude of rules in recent years, particularly regarding how defenders are allowed to hit quarterback which has caused a slew of inconsistent, subjective and questionable calls, some at crucial times in games directly affecting the outcome.