Baltimore Creamery Creates Flavor Called ‘Pay Lamar’ Amid NFL Free Agency

The Baltimore Ravens and Lamar Jackson are at a standstill in discussions about their future together.

The team used their non-exclusive franchise tag on the 26-year-old superstar, essentially tell Lamar that they want to keep him, but will let the market dictate his worth, and the Ravens are getting their way.

Nearly everyone of the teams with question marks at QB have come out publicly indicating they are out on the former MVP, and whether collusion between NFL owners were involved or not, it looks like nobody is willing to pay Jackson the guaranteed money he wants from the Ravens, or anyone else.

Of course the money that will be paid to Jackson isn’t coming out of fan pockets, so understandably so, they want their favorite player paid, and are going to hilarious lengths to try and push that narrative.


One Baltimore ice cream shop, Charmery, even went as far as to create a specialty flavor called ‘Pay Lamar’, a peanut butter and caramel flavored base ice cream with roasted peanuts and chocolate chips.