Dak Prescott Didn’t Throw For A Single Passing Yard On Third Down Against The Packers

Dak Prescott went from a guy everyone said was stupid for turning down a $30 million contract to a player whose decision to turn down that money was the right one based on his stellar play to start to the season, to now, back to a guy who was stupid for turning down a $30 million dollar per year contract.

Fans began realizing that the Cowboys quarterback’s numbers were heavily inflated due to Dallas’ first three games being against the three worst teams in football at the time.

Two games against two capable teams later, and the Cowboys are sitting at 3-2 and seemingly without a recipe for scoring against mediocre to good defenses.

Of course a major factor in scoring against mediocre to good defense is being able to execute on third down, to which the Cowboys, and Prescott specifically couldn’t do Sunday against the Packers.

In a mesmerizing stat, Prescott didn’t throw for a single passing yard on third down all game against Green Bay.

You…yes you reading this, threw for the same amount of yards on 3rd Down as Dak did yesterday.

It will be interesting to see how the season plays out and if Dak made the right decision in betting on himself and passing on a big pay day in favor for potentially an even bigger one.

Keyword, potentially.