Someone Smashed A Window Of Vikings Brand New Billon Dollar Stadium The Day Before Grand Opening


The workers who built the Minnesota Vikings brand new U.S. Bank Stadium spent this week putting the finishing touches on their $1.1 billion dollar masterpiece. Apparently they’ll spend about two months more.

The day before it was set to be unveiled with a ribbon cutting ceremony with 100,000 people are expected to attend, workers woke up to a giant hole in one of the massive glass panels that line the structure’s exterior.

This isn’t just any quick fix though. According to Rochelle Olson of the Star Tribune, the custom pane will have to be remade and reinstalled, which will take around 2 whole months. The timeline likely extends into football season.


Olson reported in the Tribune, “The break leaves the building in less-than-perfect condition for the ribbon-cutting Friday in which hundreds will fill the field to watch dignitaries congratulate each other about the $1.1 billion building which is  the largest public-private effort in state history. According to the source, the glass was broken by someone walking along the north side of the building who picked up a rock and threw it at the ground-level wall of glass.

Unfortuantely  for the Vikings, they did catch the act on security cameras.